Fee Schedule

all-in model (default)

The all-in cost model includes all exchange fees

Fee tier(30-Day Volume)
All Venues Access(Exchanges + OTCs)
Electronic OTCs Only
Tier 1
< 1M
Tier 2
1M - 10M
Tier 3
10M - 50M
Tier 4
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* Updated on December 12th, 2019

Fee tier adjustments are calculated daily based on the trailing 30 day USD denominated trade volume. Daily volume is marked to market as of 5pm EST.


Tagomi gives clients instant access to the top digital asset custodians. With just a few clicks, your assets will receive additional protection without any extra applications or onboarding. We also offer other services including staking and governance. Rates range from 30bps down to 10bps annually and vary by asset and amount.


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